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Evansville Horror Con

Evansville Horror Con: Guidelines and Terms for Media Accreditation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in covering Evansville Horror Con. Please review these essential guidelines and terms carefully before submitting your application for press credentials.

  1. Media Responsibilities:

    • Interview Coordination: Arranging pre-event interviews with guests is the responsibility of non-traditional and digital media.

    • Accurate Reporting: When preparing pre-event reports, ensure all details, particularly dates, times, and costs, are correct. The official name of our event is "Evansville Horror Con".

  2. Badge Limitations:

    • Digital Media: One badge per outlet is available for digital media. Qualification criteria include:

      • A regularly updated website with weekly content.

      • Active engagement on at least two social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter), with one having over 5,000 followers. (please note some exceptions will be made to the followers totals)

    • Traditional Media: Two badges per outlet are offered for traditional media, including local and national newspapers, academic journals, magazines, and broadcast media such as AM/FM radio and local TV stations.

  3. Badge Usage:

    • Press badges are valid for the entire event weekend, excluding special ticketed events. Access to these events requires purchasing tickets separately on our website.

  4. Conduct and Professionalism:

    • Bearers of press badges are not guaranteed interviews, photos with celebrities, or autographs. Prior consent is required for any photography or filming.

    • We expect professional conduct at all times. Failure to comply with these expectations may lead to badge revocation, loss of privileges, and removal from the convention.

By applying for press credentials, you agree to these terms and conditions. We eagerly anticipate your involvement and coverage at the Evansville Horror Con.

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