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Evansville Horror Con 2024 Ghostly Giveaway Contest

Are you ready to delve into the world of the paranormal and win an exclusive prize? Join our eerie contest for a chance to grab a special limited edition media kit, typically available only to our media partners!

Here's the new ghostly challenge:

🔍 Question: "Which famous American hotel, known for its ghostly occurrences, inspired Stephen King to write 'The Shining' after his stay there?"

Think you've got the answer? Here's how to enter:

1. Email your answer to

2. Put "Ghostly Giveaway Contest" in the email subject line.

3. Include your name and contact information in the email.

4. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to see the winner

The lucky winner, chosen from the correct entries, will receive the much-coveted limited edition media kit, filled with unique and exciting horror-themed items!

Entry Deadline: Jan 26th, 2024

The winner will be announced on the Evansville Horror Con social media pages.

Good luck, and may the most knowledgeable horror fan win!

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