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Evansville Horror Con Teams Up with Artist Tony Trip for Unique Cosplay Awards

In a thrilling collaboration for this year's Evansville Horror Con, local artist Tony Trip has partnered with the convention organizers to create an exclusive set of awards for the much-anticipated cosplay contest.

Tony Trip, known for his imaginative and intricate digital sculptures, has brought his unique vision to the world of horror and fantasy for this special project. The collaboration aimed to celebrate the artistry and creativity that defines the cosplay community, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

For the grand prize, Tony has designed a one-of-a-kind trophy that encapsulates the spirit of the convention. His process began with a detailed digital sculpting phase, where he crafted the design with precision and artistic flair. This digital model was then brought to life through the latest 3D printing technology, producing various test models to refine and perfect the design. You can also check Tony out as one of our amazing vendors this year, with his booth featuring custom 3D art, and drawn pieces.

But the collaboration didn't end there. Once the final design was approved, the Evansville Horror Con team undertook the meticulous task of hand-finishing each trophy. This process ensured that each award not only reflected Tony's artistic vision but also possessed a custom finish that exuded lasting brilliance and a touch of personal craftsmanship.

In addition to the main trophy, Tony Trip also designed a series of medallions for other contests at the convention. These medallions, though smaller, were given the same attention to detail and artistic care, ensuring that each recipient would feel the honor and recognition they deserved.

The collaboration between Evansville Horror Con and Tony Trip represents a fusion of community, art, and technology, showcasing the best of what local talents can offer to the thriving world of cosplay and horror fandom. The awards will undoubtedly become a coveted prize, symbolizing excellence and creativity in cosplay artistry.

As the convention approaches, excitement builds not only for the contests themselves but also for the unveiling of these unique awards. The partnership has set a new standard for recognizing talent and creativity in the cosplay community and has become a testament to the power of collaborative art.

Check out Tony Trip at

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